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Medical History

To ensure safe laser hair removal treatments, the patient should provide the physician with a full medical history, including current or recent medications. Only a physician is qualified to accurately assess medical information, and this is imperative due to certain medical conditions and medications that can be dangerous in combination with laser hair removal.

Some medical conditions are not entirely unsafe with laser hair removal, but still must be treated with extreme caution. Because there is not always a definitive answer on whether to treat someone with these conditions, an experienced physician needs to make that decision. Such conditions include psoriasis, history of keloid scarring, vitiligo, severe histamine reactions and bleeding disorders.

With medications, there are some that should be avoided completely and others that depend on the dosage and how recently it has been taken. The most notorious medication that must absolutely be avoided is Accutane. Accutane is usually used for severe acne. Because most medications need to be evaluated, a physician should take a complete medication history.

There have been many reports of inexperienced operators treating people with unsafe medical conditions. This may be due in large part to the fact that the circumstances of some conditions may vary and require the evaluation of a physician. There is not always an absolute answer with every medical condition whether or not to treat. Conditions that are absolutely unsafe to treat include infectious or exposed skin (including surgical wounds, chemical peels and sunburn), tattoos, and the current or recent use of Accutane. Accutane should not be used for at least six months prior to a treatment. In general, the waiting periods for potentially unsafe medications and conditions vary, and require the evaluation of a physician.

Although laser hair removal is considered to be safe and is an excellent method of eliminating unwanted hair, the results are highly operator-dependent. At Cosmetic Laser Solutions, Dr. Goldboss evaluates medical and medication history at the free consultation. Safety is our primary concern.




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