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Lasers work by targeting the melanin in the hair beneath the skin. Because of this, for most effective results, the hair must be in the follicle at the time of treatment. Patients should not wax, tweeze, thread, bleach, or use depilatory products for 4 weeks prior to treatment. Because facial hair grows more quickly than body hair, these methods can be avoided for about two weeks on the face. Although shaving or clipping the hair is acceptable, it is helpful if our physician can see visible hair growth on the day of the treatment.

Laser light can be obstructed or refracted negatively by makeup, lotions, deodorant or other products on the skin; therefore, these products should be removed prior to treatment.

At Cosmetic Laser Solutions, we have lasers that treat all skin and hair types, even tan individuals. Because different lasers work better on some individuals, following physician instructions on tanning is recommended.

Following these guidelines will ensure safe procedures with maximum effectiveness, and patients should discuss any concerns or specific instructions with our physician.




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