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Medical Factors

It is extremely important to have medical histories and current or recent medications examined by a physician prior to undergoing laser hair removal.  Certain conditions or medications may be affected and/or be considered dangerous in combination with laser hair removal.

Several conditions, such as hypertrichosis and hirsutism are related to the growth of body hair.  Hypertrichosis is excessive hair growth that is not hormone dependent, and may occur in either small or large areas of the body.  Hirsutism is a more prevalent condition that occurs as a result of an overproduction of androgen hormone, and occurs most commonly in women.  Fine vellus hairs typically found on a woman’s body may become thicker, darker, terminal hairs and result in male patterns such as excessive facial hair.  It is possible for this to be induced by certain medications, such as birth control and steroids, or linked to serious medical conditions such as tumors or polycystic ovarian syndrome.  At Cosmetic Laser Solutions, our highly trained physician is able to look at the whole patient and refer to a specialist if necessary.

Some patients with certain medical conditions may be more susceptible to the adverse effects of the laser.  These conditions include psoriasis, history of keloid scarring, vitiligo, severe histamine reactions, and bleeding disorders.  The laser may not be absolutely contraindicated in these patients, but Dr. Goldboss evaluates medical history in all patients before treatment.

Some medications cause “photosensitivity.”  This means that they can cause abnormal and intense reactions to light.  The result is that the skin is more likely to burn severely.  Accutane is the most notorious pharmaceutical agent, although there are many others that can also be dangerous.

For these reasons, as well as many other health and safety concerns regarding physical conditions or medications, an experienced physician should analyze a thorough medical history and medication history prior to any laser treatment.   At Cosmetic Laser Solutions,  this is exactly what we do during the free consultation.





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