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Lasers for hair removal function by targeting the melanin in the hair.  This means that of all the hairs on the human body, lasers are only effective against those that are pigmented. These are called terminal hairs, and include hair on the scalp, underarms, pubic regions, and eyebrows.  Hair from other parts of the body, such as the back, chest and legs, may also be terminal hairs, but “peach fuzz” is short, non-pigmented hair that may not be treated with lasers.  “Peach fuzz” is also known as vellus hairs.  

An individual hair follicle consists of bulge and papilla regions that contain the melanin. In order to destroy the hair follicle to the extent that it will stop producing new hair, these areas must be disabled.  The bulge contributes to the regeneration of the hair while the papilla provides it with nutrients and oxygen through its extensive vascular structure.

Heat destroys the hair follicle as light energy from the laser is converted into thermal energy in the follicle.  This process is known as selective photothermolysis.  In order to prevent damage to the surrounding tissues, a cooling mechanism such as cryogen is built into the laser, therefore only damaging the necessary structures of the follicle.

This process is the same by which all hair removal lasers function, but different lasers are intended for different types of hair and skin.  At Cosmetic Laser Solutions, we have several different lasers because we know that there is not one laser that can treat all skin and hair types.  With our variety, we can treat all skin tones and hair textures.




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